The Roger Sherman Debate Society Makes a Comeback at West Point

The Roger Sherman Debate Society went to the United States Military Academy (West Point) on October 28 and 29 to compete in their first policy debate tournament in a year and a half and first tournament since becoming a student organization this past January. Alex Laifer and Juan Leal were partners for six rounds; it was also their first time competing in a policy debate tournament.

They did especially well since they were on a shoestring budget. To save on costs, Alex and Juan took day trips to West Point both days instead of staying in a hotel. By doing so, they had to be on the road by 5 am both days.

Additionally, Alex and Juan did not travel with a coach to help them strategize in between rounds. This was a great learning experience for both Alex and Juan, who improved throughout the tournament. The Roger Sherman Debate Society plans on competing in more tournaments in the coming months.

On Saturday, October 29, Alex (left) and Juan (right) had to leave before 5 am for the West Point Debate Tournament. They were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise in the Hudson River Valley!

Juan reading a constructive speech in a round.

Alex (left) preparing his rebuttal speech while Juan (right) answers questions in a cross-examination.

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