Taylor Wolff and Taylor Pasquence Novice Champions at James Madison University 2011

Rashad Evans, the new coach of the Roger Sherman Debate Society (RSDS), shares the following terrific news:

“I am so happy to report that the Roger Sherman Debate Society captured its first championship of the young debate season! Sophomores Taylor Wolff and Taylor Pasquence won the novice division of the James Madison University Debate tournament this past weekend.  The team posted incredible victories over James Madison University, SUNY Binghamton, Richmond University, Liberty University and a decisive final round victory over Vanderbilt University.  In addition, Talyor Pasquence was named the 3rd best individual speaker in the division. This was an impressive follow-up to the team’s semi-final appearance at the season’s first tournament.  They will now compete in the junior varsity division!

“Juniors Eugene Allen and Ben Townsend also competed with great success in the junior varsity division compiling wins over George Mason University, The US Naval Academy and SUNY Binghamton before losing to eventual champion Vanderbilt University in the octa-final round.
“I would like to congratulate both teams on their success and thank them for their hard work both before and during the tournament.

Thanks to team captain R. Max Hamoy who traveled with the team, scouted and coached along the way.

“Next up is West Point!”

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